Communicator Silver, Weiss Metal Logo, 2014
MarCom Platinum, Branding, Weiss Metal 2013
Communicator Silver, PrintMasters Logo, 2013
Communicator Silver, PrintMasters Direct Mail Invitation, 2013
Hermes Creative Gold, Design, BNI, 2012
Communicator Silver, Logo, Alliance Trust Co., 2012
Hermes Creative Gold, Branding, Green & Me, 2011
Communicator Silver, Promo Marketing, 2011
ADDY Silver, Promotional Design/Writing/Illustration, 2009
Summit Silver, Rebranding, Morales & Assoc., 2007
MarCom Creative Gold, Illus/Design, Lake Tahoe Food & Wine Festival, 2006
Communicator Silver, Web Design, 2006
Communicator Silver, Concept/Illus/Design, LT Food & Wine Fest, 2006
MarCom Creative Gold, Concept/Illus/Design, LT Food & Wine Fest, 2005
MarCom Creative, Marketing, Magic Underground, 2005CommCrystalAwards2
Communicator Crystal Excellence, Lincoln Motor Company & Hyatt Ad Campaign, 2005
ADDY Gold, Kick It! (N. Lake Tahoe TV) Animated Logo, 2004
ADDY Silver, Wild Encounters Photography Poster, 2004
BOLI Award, Promotional Design/Writing/Illustration, 2004
Communicator Excellence and BOLI, The Long Island Ad Club Branding, 2004
Communicator Silver, Kick It! Animated Logo, 2004
Communicator Silver, S.I. Historical Society Banner Series, 2003
BOLI Gold, The NY Chinese Scholar’s Garden Brochure, 2000
BOLI Bronze, Yellow Book USA, Direct Mail Illustration, 1999
BOLI Merit, Outstanding Advertising, Bristol-Myers Squibb, 1998
Bristol-Myers Squibb President’s Award, Outstanding Contribution, 1995, 1996

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